Discovering the Best of Coffee  

Fleurieu Roast's journey began in 2015, born out of a simple yet profound discovery: freshly roasted coffee offers an incomparable taste experience. This revelation ignited a passion in our founder, Ben Tugwell, leading to the inception of Fleurieu Roast. Our mission was clear from the start: to share the unparalleled flavours of freshly roasted coffee with our community.

What began as a personal pursuit to bring out the best in coffee soon transformed into a professional endeavour. Ben's dedication to quality and his deep appreciation for coffee's nuanced flavours became the cornerstone of our business. Our story is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance.

Initially, Fleurieu Roast catered to a close-knit circle of friends and a few local businesses in Adelaide's south, offering what we believed to be the best coffee around. This passion set the stage for our growth and local recognition.

Opening the Aldinga Roastery (2016): In a leap of faith and driven by our growing popularity, December 2016 marked the opening of our Aldinga roastery. This significant expansion allowed us to welcome the public not just to taste but to experience the world of freshly roasted beans and a hot cup of coffee crafted with care.

Market Days and Events - A Partnership Blossoms: During this period, Ben worked closely with his friend Ali, bringing the Fleurieu Roast experience to life at markets and events by selling hot coffee. This collaboration not only promoted our brand but helped expand our experience in serving the delicious hot beverage.

After years of successful collaboration, it was a natural progression for Ali to take over the business, infusing her passion for hand-blended teas and tisanes. This new chapter broadened our horizon, embracing both the art of coffee and the delicate craft of tea blending.

Celebrating Every Success: At Fleurieu Roast, every new customer and every local business partnership is a cause for celebration. We take pride in supplying and supporting people in business and at home, ensuring that every cup of coffee brewed is a delightful experience worth returning for.

Looking Ahead: As we continue on our journey, we remain committed to our founding principles: delivering exceptional quality, fostering connections, and sharing the joy of freshly roasted coffee.